Ganesh ERP GPAO Software features

Ganesh ERP is an Industrial Production Management (IPM or CAPM) software package for Windows that integrates all the modules necessary for the efficient management of a manufacturing or assembly company in the industrial sector : sales management, purchasing management, products nomenclature management, inventory management, manufacturing and subcontracting management, logistics management, facility management and on-site installation, requirements management. Ganesh ERP has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to get quickly started.

Macro process Ganesh ERP
Process Ganeh ERP Industrie

Ganesh ERP provides all required features for a company that buys, produces and sells:

The business processes covered by Ganesh ERP are as follows:

  • Management of technical data
  • Sales order management
  • Management of purchase orders and subcontracting
  • Production planning
  • Scheduling of manufacturing and management of work orders
  • Monitoring the progress of manufacturing (work in progress, resources ...)
  • Stock movements management
  • Quality management
  • Products documentation management

The covered features:

  • Customer management, quotes and sales order, progress tracking, preparation and shipping, invoicing and collection.
  • Management of installations and poses on site
  • Business Management 
  • Suppliers management, price inquiries, purchase requisitions, orders, receipts, invoices and regulations
  • Articles management, families, variants, multi-levels nomenclatures, production lines with variants. Indication of components, nomenclatures and possible ranges. Importing data and dimensions from a CAD software
  • Management of material resources of production, workshops, machines, tools, availability, performance
  • Management of production human resources, staff, hours of presence, qualification
  • Manufacturing planning, production master plan, calculation of gross and net requirements, automatic generation of work orders and purchase requisitions, scheduling of production orders
  • Follow-up of the manufacturing progress, by work orders, by customer orders, according to the hours declared and the consumed components, advanced outsourcing management
  • Inventory management, entries resulting from the receipt of purchase orders or partial or complete production orders, outputs resulting from shipment preparations or inventory sales
  • Management of manufacturing waste and shortages on supplier delivery
  • Quality management, controls on manufacturing operations and intermediate or finished products
  • Management and follow-up of customer complaints
  • Document Management (EDM), production plans, photographs, technical data sheets, control procedures ...
  • Interface with accounting software for purchases and sales
  • Ganesh ERP provides the ability to create business user profiles