The Assets Management module is a calculator that allows you to determine your stock for strategic parts in maintenance of your Production tool. The Assets Management module allows you to optimally calculate the number of parts required and to reduce your maintenance stock accordingly.

The  Ganesh PDA Inventory Management module enables barcode entry of goods movements from a mobile terminal, PDA type barcode reader

The Ganesh PDA Stock Management module running on the server is accessible on the terminal in TSE mode, regardless of the operating system of the terminal (Windows, Android, iPhone, etc.).

Motorola Zebra PDA Terminal

The Planning Requirements Calculation module allows you to schedule the Calculation of Requirements at regular dates. The requirement calculation is supported by a dedicated service on the application server or database server.

Setting up the requirements calculation schedule

The Ganesh barcode module enables time declaration and stock transaction functions on a dedicated PC, using barcode readers of the following types: 

• Single USB Wired shower, 
• Multiple shower USB Fila

Inatek Scanner

The Ganesh PDA Time module allows the barcode entry of time declarations on a mobile terminal, barcode reader. The module is accessible on the terminal in TSE mode or RDP thin client. The module is independent of the operating system of the terminal (Windows, Android, iphone, etc.)

Zebra PDA Terminal