Ganesh-ERP Settings Tab presentation




In the Ganesh Settings tab are the basic settings for the software use

The "Settings" tab features are as follows:

  • Company Settings
  • Linking external software
  • Reports and printable documents management
  • Management of users and their rights
  • Software translation or interface modification
  • Management and modifications of item codes
  • End of months processing
  • Accounting and export binding setting
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) link
  • EDI carriers link



Ganesh-ERP Requirements Tab presentation




In the "Requirements" tab of the Ganesh ERP software we find all the Calculation of Requirements functions with purchases suggestions and manufacturing suggestions

The " Requirements " tab features are as follows:

  • Calculate overall gross and net requirements, purchase and manufacturing suggestions
  • Requirements Calculation for a specific order
  • Requirements Calculation for a specific production order



Ganesh-ERP Tables Tab Presentation




The "Tables" tab of Ganesh software presents the application functions, criterias and parameters.

The features in the "Tables" tab are as follows:

  • Items unit settings
  • Ecotax related parameters
  • Currency settings and online update of the exchange rates of currencies
  • Management of payment methods
  • Tax management
  • Management of payment conditions
  • Port management and delivery methods
  • Management of prospecting criteria
  • Management of the mentions (texts) added to the printable documents
  • Management of activity circuits
  • Country and Regional Management
  • Management of quality criteria
  • Quality rating management for purchasing and manufacturing



Ganesh ERP Stocks transactions Tab presentation


The Stock Transactions module allows the management of Inputs / Outputs transactions for Stocks or inventory management 

The Transactions module includes the following features:

  • In stock on suppliers orders
  • Inventory entries on WO
  • Post production stock entries
  • Qualification finished products / articles
  • Entries of deposits and loans
  • Specific input transactions
  • Out of Stock on Delivery Voucher
  • Out of stock on WO
  • Out of stock on barcode / scanner
  • Logistic outing on Delivery Voucher
  • Outputs on deposit or loan
  • Specific outputs
  • Consultation of transactions
  • Transit Management
  • Missing Management
  • Batch and series management



Ganesh ERP Manufacturing Tab presentation


The Manufacturing module allows the Work orders (WO) management. It is possible to create Work Orders from manufacturing suggestions or directly, to manage subcontracting, to group subcontracting into supplier orders.

The Manufacturing module includes the following features:

  • Work Orders Management (WO)
  • WO launch
  • WO prioritization
  • WO ordering
  • Manual declaration WO realized quantities
  • Maintenance management WO the equipment park
  • Subcontract Management
  • Management WO production master plans and macro products
  • Cost management and associated costs



Ganesh ERP Sales Tab presentation



The "Sales" tab of Ganesh software includes all your sales and customers functions. In this intuitive menu divided into three parts are options for managing your customers, business and their follow-ups 

The commercial management module functionalities:

  • Customer catalog with sales conditions and customer care
  • Grouping of clients by families
  • Third Party Management: Agents, Freight Forwarders, Carriers
  • Logistic settings
  • Special sales conditions management by customers or customers families
  • Commercial management : Quotes, files, delivery notes, invoices, planning of installations
  • Regulation Management
  • Logistics invoicing
  • Delivery tours organization
  • Business Management : Records consolidation
  • Files analysis : cost prices, margins
  • Balance sheets by clients
  • Multi filters history



Ganesh ERP Purchases Tab presentation


The purchasing management module includes all the functionalities allowing a complete management of the purchases of articles or subcontracting.

Features of this purchasing management module:

  • Management of suppliers
  • Supplier family management
  • Management of price conditions of items / suppliers by quantity
  • Procurement suggestions management proposed by the requirements calculator (CBN)
  • Management of purchase requests
  • Purchase order management
  • Supplier Billing Management
  • Management of invoices supplier invoices
  • Management of subcontracting purchases
  • Purchasing / suppliers summary reports



Ganesh ERP Inventory Stock Tab presentation




The Ganesh software "Stock" tab includes inventory management functions. The menu of the "Stock" tab is divided into three parts: Stock Management, Logistics and Touring Stocks.

Features in the inventory management module:

  • Stocks checking
  • List of stocks by locations and storage locations
  • Management of locations and storage locations
  • Inventory Management with Inventory Suggestions
  • Items stocks transfers management
  • Commercial management : Quotes, files, delivery notes, invoices, installations planning
  • Regulation Management
  • Management of special stock transfers
  • Consultation of logistics stocks
  • Management of logistics inputs and outputs
  • Logistics settings for storage locations
  • Loading delivery routes
  • Management of returns from delivery rounds
  • Summary of delivery rounds



Ganesh ERP Engeneering data Tab presentation


The Technical Data module allows the management of articles database. You can manually create articles or import finished product classifications from your CAD solution. Ranges and prices by vendors and quantities can also be imported.

The Technical Data module includes the following features:

  • Management of articles (finished products, semi-finished products, articles, materials, etc ...)
  • Management of article families
  • Management of equivalences articles
  • Management of logistics parameters articles
  • Articles prices analysis
  • Management of finished and semi-finished product nomenclatures or classifications
  • Management of dynamic nomenclatures of finished and semi-finished products
  • Duplicate nomenclatures
  • Import BOM from a CAD system (excel format)
  • Management of the finished and semi finished product lines
  • Copy of production lines
  • Workshop organization management
  • Workshop machinery management
  • Management of quality controls
  • Document Management (GED)
  • Management of non-conformities