Ganesh ERP Engeneering data Tab presentation


The Technical Data module allows the management of articles database. You can manually create articles or import finished product classifications from your CAD solution. Ranges and prices by vendors and quantities can also be imported.

The Technical Data module includes the following features:

  • Management of articles (finished products, semi-finished products, articles, materials, etc ...)
  • Management of article families
  • Management of equivalences articles
  • Management of logistics parameters articles
  • Articles prices analysis
  • Management of finished and semi-finished product nomenclatures or classifications
  • Management of dynamic nomenclatures of finished and semi-finished products
  • Duplicate nomenclatures
  • Import BOM from a CAD system (excel format)
  • Management of the finished and semi finished product lines
  • Copy of production lines
  • Workshop organization management
  • Workshop machinery management
  • Management of quality controls
  • Document Management (GED)
  • Management of non-conformities 


The Technical Data Process


Process Screens Technical Data